AS44954 is operated by Alex Brown as an experimental IPv6 Anycasting network. Further information on AS44954 can be found by reviewing our BGPView entry. All announced prefixes from AS44954 will be included in AS-AS44954 verifiable with IRR Explorer. For inquiries and peering requests please visit PeeringDB for current contact information.

Announced Prefixes


Transit Providers

BGP Communities
44954:100x - Tag Learned Routes by Transit
  • 44954:1002 - Routes learned from HostUS
  • 44954:1004 - Routes learned from Choopa
44954:200x - Route Types
  • 44954:2000 - Routes learned from any transit
  • 44954:2001 - Routes originated by 44954
  • 44954:2002 - Routes learned from peer
44954:300x - Route Origins
  • 44954:3001 - Origination Raleigh, NC, USA
  • 44954:3002 - Origination Atlanta, GA, USA
  • 44954:3004 - Origination Ashburn, VA, USA
44954:400x - Route Announcements
  • 44954:4001 - Announce only in Raleigh, NC, USA
  • 44954:4002 - Announce only in Atlanta, GA, USA
  • 44954:4004 - Announce only in Ashburn, VA, USA
  • 44954:4999 - Announce Everywhere

Peering Policy

AS44954 has an open peering policy and is willing to establish peering via tunnels. However, in order to peer the following requirements must be met:

  • Public ASN
  • Public address space (at least one /48 of IPv6 space)
  • ASN record in an IRR and PeeringDB
  • Technical contact capable of resolving BGP routing issues
  • BGP MD5 password supported and preferred, not a requirement
  • Aggregation of routes is preferred if possible
  • No route of last resort (default route) will be advertised
  • 44954 asks that peers advertise all their public routes in all locations where they peer with 44954.